About Us

InstantScouting is a Canadian based independent global scouting service that is committed to helping aspiring athletes at the collegiate and free agent level showcase their abilities to all professional football teams in North America and Europe. We offer coaches and professional scouts the opportunity to view some of the best football talent from around the world right from their computers.


Our mission is to offer a simple, fast and easy scouting solution to both athletes and teams alike. We work to create opportunities for aspiring professional athletes while being the most reliable source for professional.

Our CEO & Founder

Olusola Richard Olumogba is a former collegiate athlete who like many others had the goals of playing professional football. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 2010, he pursued professional football opportunities that never came to fruition. Following this, he began a brief stint as a CFL agent, which led him to finding his passion as a pro scout and the birth of InstantScouting in 2011. Through his challenges of making it to a professional football career, Olusola committed himself to ensuring that athletes do not face the same obstacles he faced on his journey to the pros. Since the launch of InstantScouting, Olusola has helped create opportunities for athletes in numerous leagues and has been recently awarded one of the Top 30 Under Thirty Award by Sports Launch Magazine.

Olusola Richard Olumogba