Can You Pass Drew Brees’ Conditioning Test?

By:  – Zac Clark is STACK Media’s Custom Content Manager. Prior to joining STACK in September 2008, he served as an editorial assistant for USA Hockey Magazine

With 363 touchdown passes and more than 51,000 passing yards during his 13-year career, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees puts up video-game-like stats every Sunday. His weekly offensive explosions require skill, accuracy and the ability to make the right read, but the real key to his performance—and his longevity—is that he is one of the fittest guys in the NFL.

Brees stays in great shape by training with Todd Durkin at Fitness Quest 10, where he performs exercise circuits that make him strong and fit. After his two- or three-hour workouts, the Super Bowl champ pushes himself even further with what he calls “the gut check”—in the form of three 300-Yard Shuttles.

“I’m tired, my legs are heavy, and I’m exhausted,” Brees says. “But I know that I need to stand tall, keep pushing and get this little bit of extra work. That’s what a leader does.”

To perform the drill:

  • Starting from the goal line, sprint to the 50-yard line.
  • Pivot and sprint back to the goal line.
  • Run this down-and-back pattern two more times without stopping.

Sets/Recovery: 3 shuttles; 2 minutes rest between

Goal: Finish each shuttle in 60 seconds or less. Can you beat Drew’s 52 seconds?

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