California Sports Institute and InstantScouting are proud to announce our CFL PREP-CAMP taking place September 3rd and 4th, 2016 at our California Sports Institute and at the Army & Navy Academy. Learn well ahead of time how to attack the combine drills and learn the specific skills and nuances required of the CFL game so you can take that information and fully and usefully train and prepare for the CFL Free-Agent camps. The on-field skills are taught as close to a game situation as possible so Helmets, Shoulder Pads and Jerseys are required to participate.

We run the annual 3-team CFL Free Agent Tryouts camps for the Toronto Argonauts, Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers one of the biggest feedbacks we get from the scouts, coaches and GMs of the three teams was that many of the players trying out do not appear to know how to attack the combine tests and almost all players were unaware of the difference between the Canadian and American game and therefore were not able to fully impress the those teams. In many cases this lack of understanding of the Canadian game was the difference between getting and not getting a contract offer.

It has been suggested by those teams and requested by many players who attended the CFL Free Agent camps that we hold a developmental “PREP-CAMP” to teach players how to test and how to properly tryout for the CFL game so they could take that information back into their training programs.

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Coach Munford tells you WHY you need to attend the CFL Prep Camp!


 Structure – Day 1:      Combine Testing Skills:

–       Each player with their position group will go through each combine test and be instructed how to properly execute each test. They will learn where to put their weight. How to lean. How to properly space one’s feet, which foot should have the pressure on it, how to lean, Attention will be given to hand/shoulder speed and movement, head positioning, eye guidance, running further to run faster and where possible, how to ‘cheat’ the test.

–      We will teach the ‘how-to’s of each of the following combine tests that will be tested in our 3-team Free-Agent camp in April:

–        10/20/40 yd.

–        Pro Agility shuttle

–         “L”-Test;

–        Broad Jump

–         Vertical Jump

Film Instruction:

–        In the evening of Day one, players will gather at the California Sports Institute and watch a CFL game/game film and be instructed on the nuances of the game. The players will be shown the rules that are dramatically different from the CFL game and how that is impactful to training for the 3-team CFL combine.

–        Linemen will be introduced to concepts such as ‘yard-off-the-ball”, the wider rushing passing lanes and less men in the box. They will get an understanding of the significant speed/quickness requirements of the CFL game as opposed to the NFL game and will leave fully understanding how their training should reflect those differences.

–        Linebackers will be introduced to the differences in box widths between CFL and NFL games and what that means for rushing and passing lanes. They will see what the skill-sets of CFL O-linemen are. They will get a feel for what a CFL running backs primary skills and athletic requirements are and how that must impact their training to be able to successfully compete in the Free-agent camp.

–        Running Backs will be introduced to the differences in box widths between CFL and NFL games and what that means for rushing and passing lanes and how that impacts pass-pro requirements. They will see that RBs in the CFL have to have Receiver-level hands and pass-route running abilities.

–        Receivers will be introduced to unlimited motion, and see CFL receivers attacking the line at all sorts of angles. Watching the film will help Receivers see the width of the field and how to attack and profit from the size of the field.

–        D.B.’s will witness the crazy motion of the Receivers, how much room they have, how CFL DB’s cut the field down and how to stay physical from a yard-off and still be able to turn and run.

–        Q.B’s will learn the different pocket drops, the size of the CFL pocket, gain an awareness of how the unlimited motion impacts throw-timing, how the CFL game has wider throwing lanes and how the extra man on defense affects pass-coverage packages.

Structure – Day 2:      CFL-Specific Skills:

–        Each position group will go through a full indi-period during which the unique-to-the-CFL-specific that were shown in watching the game film the night previously skills will be broken down and taught so you can gain an understanding of how to prepare for the CFL Free-agent camp.  As these skills taught as close to a game situation as possible, Helmets, Shoulder Pads and Jerseys are required to participate.

–        Following the indi-period, there will be an extended one-one-one period to implement those skills, get a feel for how you need to incorporate them into your training and see where you specifically need to improve to compete for a contract at our 3–team Free-agent camp




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