The Path to the Platform

By Marshall Johnson More often then not, I have been my own worst enemy in preparing for the platform. There are many ways to sabotage yourself in preparing for a meet. I have only been a power lifter for about … Continue reading


The #1 Workout Sin Revealed AND…it has NOTHING to do with YOU!

If you’ve seen any of my many YouTube videos you’ve probably heard me say 1,000 times that if you want to build athletic muscle you must avoid overtraining, and train with a purpose in mind! Working out just to say … Continue reading



Why athletes should be Lean? Summer is approaching fast, and I know many of you want to be buff, not only for the beach, but also for your upcoming football season. In this 3-part series, I will share with you … Continue reading


Timed Drop Sets – Sports Specific Training

Timed Drop Sets! One of the tougher Wednesday Workouts yet! This one however does require a gym or some equipment, but is a killer!! I will give you 2 way to complete this one. Make sure you have a weight … Continue reading


A Case for Training the Neck

By Ralph Cornwell, Jr., Ph.D. (abd) To protect athletes from concussions and other head injuries, strength coaches should focus on strengthening the neck and trapezius muscles. In fact, the author argues that neck strengthening should be a training priority. In … Continue reading