Devante Kincade InstantScouting Report

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Devante Kincade InstantScouting Report:

An Elite 11 QB coming out of high school, selected Ole Miss, but after a broken ankle and a mother’s illness he decided to transfer closer to home. Undersized QB at 6’0″, more lanky than built, but has gained muscle over the last year. Great Athletic Ability, very quick, has good balance, and has explosive capability. Great Competitive Toughness, a guy who can rally his teammates, has a desire of getting back on to the field, will play though minor injuries, shows up big in large venues. Great Play Speed, a dual threat QB who can run faster than many DBs. Good Arm Strength, has great ball speed, can throw in tighter windows because of ball speed. Distance could improve. Good Short-Mid Accuracy, tends to lead the receiver, solid placement overall, consistent. Solid Decision making, he’s a low risk/low reward kind of QB. Recognizes when to switch from first or second read. Will always move the ball, but does not take the deep shots very often.
Solid Mental Processing, like his vision, sees green grass and he will take it, but there are times where he scrambles too early, needs to understand when to trust his lineman and stay in the pocket, needs a better feel for the for the down and distance. Play strength has improved, but it’s not well enough to be considered as a strong player. Would need to gain even more muscle to stay at the position to prevent injury. Solid Poise, is consistent at keeping his eyes downfield when scrambling, nationally televised games are not a problem, but can get a little frantic when he is hit early in the game, likes to brace for impact rather than follow thru with the throw. Deep Accuracy is a concern, inconsistent arm motions when attempting the deep shot, ball will sometimes drop down lower than usual making the throw. Placement must improve, struggles over the top. Will require footwork training.
Overall, Kincade is a heck of an athlete, he must improve his accuracy to continue being a QB prospect. I would like him to take more shots down the field as well, but not too careless with it. Many teams will look at him as a slot WR.

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