Fan club folds, schedule in chaos, players nowhere to be found … but season tickets are on sale

By: Richard Olumogba Remember how much fun it was when the Virginia Destroyers won the United Football League championship last year? Sure, the league canceled a third of its season because the teams were losing so much money, but that didn’t take away from the excitement of the championship game at the SportsPlex. So how does the 2012 season shape up? Let’s see … The season opener has been pushed back by a week and a half, to Sept. 28, ostensibly to make the UFL schedule more attractive to the TV networks. With the season opener approaching, the league’s website remains “under construction” and still lists the outdated schedule. None of the teams’ official sites are up. The Destroyers apparently have no players on their roster. None of the teams has held a training camp or announced when those camps will open. The team’s fan club has disbanded in an acrimonious dispute with the team. But the Destroyers stress that season tickets are currently available.

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