InstantScouting 2016 D3 All-American Interview: Chyron Brown-Wallace

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Chyron Brown-Wallace is a 2016 InstantScouting Division III All-American team selection, 2016 Liberty League Defensive Player of The Year and led a dominating St. Lawrence defense that finished the season ranked among the top 15 teams in the country in seven different defensive categories including scoring defense where the Saints finished second in the nation.

Brown-Wallace finished with 52 tackles, 18 for loss and seven sacks. He was voted the Defensive Player of the Year in the Liberty League and was a first team All-Liberty League selection for the third consecutive year.

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InstantScouting: What is your name?

CBW: Chyron Brown-Wallace

InstantScouting: What is your Height/Weight?

CBW: Height 6’0, Weight 290

InstantScouting: What is your position? 

CBW: Defensive Lineman

InstantScouting: Where are you from? 

CBW: Rochester, NY

InstantScouting: Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

CBW: My mother because I have watched her be strong in the most down moments, I have watched her change kids’ lives, and be a positive influence to her students and the people surrounding her.

InstantScouting: What are you looking to get out of your collegiate football experience?

CBW: What I received from my collegiate experience is creating a mentality where nothing is given, everything is earned. I received a change in my mentality where I have a never quit attitude, to put my best effort in everything from the field to the classroom, and strive for greatness because being second is the first to lose.

InstantScouting: What legacy do you want to leave when you are done playing college football?

CBW: I want to be one of the best linemen in school history, I want generations of athletes to pass and my name still get brought up in conversations. I want everyone to not only remember me for athletics but the person I am and the personality I have shared amongst everyone on campus.

InstantScouting: What separates you from other players at your position?

CBW: Effort and playing determined with a never quit attitude.

InstantScouting: List 3 things you feel you need in order to be successful in football?

CBW: You need to be discipline, coachable, and you need to have heart.

InstantScouting: Which pro football player would you compare yourself to? Why?

CBW: Aaron Donald because he used to be looked down on due to his height but he is a disruptive player.

InstantScouting: What is your greatest strength?

CBW: Focus and the ability to do my job as a player.

InstantScouting: What do you feel you need to improve in the most?

CBW: Corner turning.

InstantScouting: What interesting fact would you want the world to know about you?

CBW: I will be the first male in my family to graduate college.

InstantScouting: What would you want professional teams to know about you?

CBW: I am a hard working player who is determined to make a difference in the locker room and willing to do whatever it takes and more to be successful

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