InstantScouting Elite Class Interview Questions- Vincent Roy, OL, Sherbrooke University

February 10, 2019

What is your name?

Vincent Roy

What college do you attend?

 Université de Sherbrooke

What is your Height/Weight?


What is your position?


Where are you from?
Granby, QC

What are you looking to get out of your collegiate football experience?

At the end of my collegiate experience I will have a Marketing degree, work experience, and an opportunity to play the sports I love to the next level.

Who is the best player you competed against in college?

 Mathieu Betts/Vincent Desjardins

What separates you from other players at your position?

My speed and athletism. I move very well for a 300lbs guy. I chave good abilities to understand defenses.

List 3 things you feel you need in order to be successful in football?

  1. Technique
  2. Smartness
  3. Power

Which pro football player would you compare yourself to? And why?

I do not really compare my self to pro players. I love comparing me to myself the day before, if I don’t feel that I am a better player/person than yesterday,it’s not a good thing. I can’t sleep until I feel like I am a better version of me.

What is your biggest strength?

My technique and athleticism are my biggest strengths

What do you feel you need to improve on the most?

 I need to get stronger from my upper body

Outside of football, what has been your most memorable college experience?

When I won the All-Canadian Academic award.

If you can play alongside any athlete in the NFL, past or present, who would it be and why?

I would play against Aaron Donald. Playing against one of the best DT in the NFL would give me the opportunity to get better faster.

Who is your biggest inspiration? And why?

My Oline coach, Rémi Giguère. This guy is so passionate about the game, he gives me so much motivation to improve myself on and off the field. He’s making me realize the chance I have to play this sport at this level. He taught me every thing about how to play the offensive lineman position, he makes it fun to do.

What is your definition of success?

 Reaching the objectives that you’ve gave yourself, and having fun doing it.

What interesting fact would you want the world to know about you?

I played my first complete game as Offensive lineman at the 2018 East-west bowl.

Before university, I played Tight end, slot receiver, and nose tackle. I signed in SherbrookeU as Oline (2015) and I’ve been transferred to DT at the end of the year until I switched again at the end of 2017. I participated to the 2018 east-west bowl as Oline, and started the whole 2018 season as right guard. I can say that I am a very versatile player and I learn fast.