Spring League says most NFL teams showed interest

Posted by Michael David Smith on May 8, 2017, 5:47 AM EDT

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Few fans knew or cared that the Spring League wrapped up its three-week season in April, but the Spring League says the NFL noticed.Spring League CEO Brian Woods told ESPN that 10 NFL teams sent scouts and 20 other teams requested practice and game tape, and more than a dozen Spring League players earned invitations to NFL minicamps.

We were pleased with the NFL turnout for sure,” Woods said. “It was overwhelming and we were happy to have it. I was talking as it wrapped up with some of our coaches, and we feel like this league is in position to help quarterbacks as much as anything, and we all know that’s an ongoing priority for the NFL.”

The Spring League is still a long, long way from being a viable developmental league, however, and it’s notable that Ben Tate, the former Texans second-round pick who was reportedly the best player in the league’s brief season, hasn’t signed with an NFL team. The Spring League may have taken a step toward becoming a place that develops future NFL talent, but it was a small step.

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