NFL, NFLPA release joint statement on next week’s anthem meeting

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By: Sam Quinn

The NFL and NFLPA seem to be working together toward a compromise on the national anthem issue

As the NFL continues to be embroiled in controversy over players protesting the national anthem by sitting, it seems as though each day brings a new wrinkle to the discussion. Most recently, Jerry Jones has publicly told his players to stand or face being benched, while the league office itself mulls a rule change to force players’ hands.

No rule change has come yet, but the player’s association and the league will meet next week to discuss the issue in further detail. On Wednesday, the sides released a joint statement, which was posted on Twitter by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

NFL statement: “Commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the Anthem is not accurate. As we… 

The league would obviously like to reach a resolution that leads to all players standing. It is simply bad for business to have so many players protesting when such a high percentage of fans find it distasteful. But at least they seem to be going about it through the proper channels. They are not making demands without consulting the union first.

Making the concession that the league’s stance won’t change in time for Sunday’s games is a big one. It indicates that a resolution will not be rushed, and any decision made will likely be a compromise on everyone’s part.

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