NFL Transactions November 1-7

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Giants Jenkins, Janoris CB Suspension Lifted 11/7
Giants Skinner, Deontae LB Active/Prac. Squad (from Raiders) 11/7
Colts Bray, Quan WR Placed on IR – undisclosed 11/7
Colts Mbu, Joey NT Active/Prac. Squad 11/7
Giants Williams, Jordan DE Cut 11/7
Giants Scott, Tim CB Cut 11/7
Vikings Beavers, Willie G Pract. Squad Add (from Patriots) 11/7
Giants Harris, Nigel LB Placed on IR – ribs 11/7
Colts Stribling, Channing CB Pract. Squad Del 11/6
49ers Hikutini, Cole TE Placed on IR – undisclosed 11/6
Raiders Latham, Darius DT Suspension Lifted 11/6
Colts Day, Dillon C Cut 11/6
49ers Lauderdale, Andrew T Pract. Squad Add 11/6
Cardinals Leamon, Javarius T Pract. Squad Del 11/6
Cardinals Norton, Storm T Pract. Squad Add (from Lions) 11/6
Steelers Thomas, Justin WR Pract. Squad Add 11/6
Cardinals Tuerk, Max C Active/Prac. Squad (from Chargers) 11/6
Cardinals Tuerk, Max C Active/Prac. Squad (from Chargers) 11/6
Cardinals Munyer, Daniel C Placed on IR – toe 11/6
Colts White, D.J. CB Acquired from Waiver (from Chiefs) 11/6
Rams Marquez, Bradley WR Cut 11/6
Rams Marquez, Bradley WR Taken off IR – knee 11/6
Steelers Rodgers, Jake T Pract. Squad Del 11/6
Bills Murphy, Marcus RB Pract. Squad Add (from Colts) 11/6
Colts Rice, Denzel CB Pract. Squad Add (from Texans) 11/6
49ers Tartt, Jaquiski S Placed on IR – undisclosed 11/6
Ravens Matthews, Chris WR Placed on IR – thigh 11/6
Buccaneers Evans, Mike WR Suspended – 1 game (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) 11/6
Raiders McCray, Demetrius CB Placed on IR – knee 11/6
Bills Pericak, Will C Pract. Squad Del 11/6
Saints Wallace, Martin T Cut 11/6
Saints Wallace, Martin T Taken off IR – undisclosed 11/6
Saints Fuller, Corey WR Taken off IR – undisclosed 11/6
Saints Fuller, Corey WR Cut 11/6
Saints Harris, Bryce T Acquired from Waiver (from 49ers) 11/6
Dolphins McDonald, T.J. S Suspension Lifted 11/6
Jets Kerley, Jeremy WR Suspended – 4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs) 11/6
Saints Hughes III, John DT Cut 11/6
49ers Murphy, Louis WR Signed – One-year contract (through 2017) 11/6
49ers Paulsen, Logan TE Signed – One-year contract (through 2017) 11/6
Chiefs Hali, Tamba LB Activated from PUPL 11/4
49ers Garcon, Pierre WR Placed on IR – neck 11/4
Bills Cadet, Travaris RB Signed (from Jets) 11/4
49ers Harris, Bryce T Cut 11/4
Raiders McCray, Demetrius CB Cut 11/4
Bills Jones, Taiwan RB Placed on IR – broken right arm 11/4
Giants Richburg, Weston C Placed on IR – concussion 11/4
Bengals Smith, Derron S Cut 11/4
Giants Scott, Tim CB Active/Prac. Squad 11/4
Bengals Koehn, Marshall K Signed (from Vikings)
Chiefs White, D.J. CB Cut 11/4
49ers Williams Jr., Darrell G Active/Prac. Squad 11/4
Packers Pepper, Taybor C Placed on IR – broken foot 11/3
Packers Hart, Derek LB Signed 11/3
Texans Watson, Deshaun QB Placed on IR – torn ACL 11/3
Packers Biegel, Vince LB Activated from PUPL 11/3
Texans Johnson, Dorian G Cut 11/3
Packers Brown, Donatello CB Active/Prac. Squad 11/3
Packers Byrd, Emanuel TE Pract. Squad Add 11/3
Packers Brice, Kentrell S Placed on IR – undisclosed 11/3
Colts Vander Laan, Jason TE Pract. Squad Add (from Jets) 11/3
Rams Johnson, Isaiah S Active/Prac. Squad 11/3
Eagles Hamilton, Justin DT Pract. Squad Add 11/3
Ravens Matthews, Chris WR Cut 11/3
Texans McGloin, Matt QB Signed (from Eagles) 11/3
Rams Davis, Cody S Placed on IR – thigh 11/3
Texans Yates, T.J. QB Signed (from Bills) 11/3
Redskins Hall, DeAngelo S Activated from PUPL 11/3
Redskins Franklin, Orlando G Cut 11/3
Colts Luck, Andrew QB Placed on IR – right shoulder 11/2
Cowboys Maponga, Stansly DE Pract. Squad Del 11/2
Colts Burwell, Tyreek T Active/Prac. Squad 11/2
Cowboys Williams, Trey RB Pract. Squad Add (from Steelers) 11/2
Eagles Sudfeld, Nate QB Active/Prac. Squad 11/2
Lions Skipper, Dan T Pract. Squad Add 11/2
Bills Croom, Jason TE Pract. Squad Add 11/1
Vikings Adams, Rodney WR Pract. Squad Add 11/1
Raiders Hood, Elijah RB Pract. Squad Add 11/1
Vikings Tocho, Jack S Pract. Squad Del 11/1
49ers Mabin, Greg CB Active/Prac. Squad 11/1
Bills O’Malley, Ryan TE Pract. Squad Del 11/1
Redskins Price, Givens T Pract. Squad Add 11/1
Redskins McClure, Stefan S Placed on IR – hamstring 11/1
Giants Raymond, Kalif WR Pract. Squad Add 11/1
Broncos Sharp, Hunter WR Pract. Squad Add 11/1
49ers Powell, Tyvis S Pract. Squad Add (from Seahawks) 11/1
Seahawks Battle, Isaiah T Cut 11/1
Vikings Edison, Cornelius C Pract. Squad Add 11/1
Cowboys Elliott, Ezekiel RB Suspended – 6 games (NFL Personal Conduct Policy) 11/1
Giants Williams, Jordan DE Active/Prac. Squad 11/1
Eagles Hamilton, Justin DT Cut 11/1
Panthers Bersin, Brenton WR Signed 11/1
49ers Ward, Jimmie S Placed on IR – broken forearm 11/1
Texans Blackson, Angelo DE Active/Prac. Squad (from Patriots) 11/1
49ers Harris, Bryce T Signed (from Lions) – One-year contract (through 2017) 11/1
Redskins Jones, Arthur DT Signed (from Colts) 11/1
Patriots Hoyer, Brian QB Signed (from 49ers) – Three-year contract (through 2019) 11/1
Packers Jean Francois, Ricky DT Cut 11/1

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