How John Ross Shaved .31 Seconds Off His 40-Yard Dash in 6 Weeks

Click here to get the latest on all pro leagues and tryout information! Sign up, get scouted and start your pro career By: Andy Haley Wide receiver John Ross accomplished the nearly impossible when he broke Chris Johnson’s 40-Yard Dash record … Continue reading


Pro Gridiron Showcase Presented by InstantScouting

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Football Players: Run a Faster 40-Yard Dash with This 2-Week Strategy

By: Andy Haley – Andy Haley is the Performance Director at STACK. A certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), he received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Miami… The 40-Yard Dash is an opportunity to show off your speed. On testing … Continue reading


Improve Your Football 40 Time During the Season

Football offers a long season of wear and tear. Yet in this day and age, there is no off-season, and every day presents a new opportunity to improve. This includes increasing speed year-round, both for the 40-Yard Dash and overall … Continue reading


How to Decrease Your 40 Yard Dash Time in the Weight Room

By: Larry Jusdanis ( In Part I of this article readers were introduced to the concept that strength = speed. Specifically, football players wishing to decrease their 40 yard dash time were told to focus on strengthening their lower back, hamstring and VMO muscles … Continue reading


Step Counting: How Big Men Can Run a Faster 40

By: Matt Ledbetter (Stack Media) Are you a big guy who wants a faster 40? Don’t count your steps — count their steps. Ask the fastest athlete on your team to run a 40 and count the number of steps he needs … Continue reading