Get Faster 4 Speed Sled Drills for Young Athletes

The speed sled is a great tool that can help athletes improve their speed, power and overall athletic ability. Even young athletes can benefit from speed sleds when implemented appropriately. Even if you’re not familiar with the term “speed sled,” … Continue reading


Doug Baldwin Says Basketball Is the Best Workout for Becoming a Better Route Runner

February 9, 2019 At 5-foot-10, 192 pounds, Doug Baldwin rarely has a size advantage over the man across from him. Yet the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver is one of the most undeniably effective players in the NFL. Since 2015, only … Continue reading


Bulgarian Split-Squat Exposed: 3 Essential Tips to Use It for Good, Not Evil

By: Alex Allan – Alex Allan is a Registered Kinesiologist from Toronto, Canada. He has been involved in strength and conditioning for 15 years and has worked seven years. The Bulgarian Split-Squat is the Jason Bourne of leg exercises: precise, highly effective, … Continue reading


3 Tips to Increase Your Bench

By: Powerful Athlete Training (Dan) A friend asked me the other day how to increase his bench, “I hit a plateau on bench, what do I change?” Here’s 3 tips to increase your bench press. 1. Overload – Use bands, chains, lockouts, and … Continue reading