Get Faster With This 4-Exercise Circuit Technique

Click here to get the latest on all pro leagues and tryout information! Sign up, get scouted and start your pro career By:  Michael Zweifel The French Contrast has grown in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the work … Continue reading


How to Add 4 Inches to Your Vertical Jump in Two Weeks

By: Joel Smith If you’re looking for a great complex training method that will make you fast, strong and explosive in a short period of time, look no further than what is known as French Contrast training. I’ve never seen athletes … Continue reading


Developing Pre-Pull Tension for a Monster Deadlift

By: Nick Rosencutter – Nick Rosencutter, owner of Rosencutter Ultra Fitness & Performance in Milwaukee, is a strength and conditioning coach, manual therapist and competitive power lifter. If strength is what you’re after, few exercises give you as much of it as … Continue reading


3 Ways the ‘Domino Effect’ Ruins Your Exercise Form (With Fixes)

By: Blake Schaefering  Exercises are like dominoes. Get one thing wrong and the whole thing can topple over. Here, we present some common exercises and the “dominoes” that derail them, along with movement analyses and fixes. Domino 1: Sagging Hips on … Continue reading


In-Season Weight Training for Football

By: John Cissik – John M. Cissik is the president of Human Performance Services, LLC, which helps athletics professionals solve their strength and conditioning problems. Once football season begins, it can be difficult to find time to lift weights. Preparing for the … Continue reading


Build Power and Size With Dead-Stop Training

By: Lee Boyce Many people in the gym are conditioned to simply “get the weight up.” As a result, training programs become stale. Even some die-hard gym-goers remain skinny and un-athletic. Others struggle with muscle imbalances, chronic pain and injuries. … Continue reading