4 Simple Ways to Build Stronger, More Resilient Hamstrings

August 5, 2019 Hamstring muscle injuries are extremely common among athletes. They cause significant loss of training and competition time and have a high probability (between 12% and 31%) to recur. A whopping 37% of all reported muscular injuries in … Continue reading


Doug Baldwin Says Basketball Is the Best Workout for Becoming a Better Route Runner

February 9, 2019 At 5-foot-10, 192 pounds, Doug Baldwin rarely has a size advantage over the man across from him. Yet the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver is one of the most undeniably effective players in the NFL. Since 2015, only … Continue reading


Strength Training The Best Ab Exercises For a Great Ab Workout

February 3, 2019 Everyone wants great abs. But if you’re spending hour after hour hammering out hundreds of traditional Crunches, your ab workout needs an update. There’s nothing wrong with a set of Crunches or Sit-Ups every now and then, … Continue reading


Jones gets chance to play pro football with Atlanta Legends

By: Steve Behr sports@wataugademocrat.com, Jan 27, 2019 ATLANTA — Malachi Jones knows what it means to work his way to the top, especially when it comes to carving out a career in professional football. After four years of playing receiver … Continue reading


2019 Pro Gridiron Showcase Results – Pro Free Agent Event

Posted: January 25, 2019 It was the first major scouting opportunity of the new year for free agents looking to play in the NFL, CFL and various indoor and arena leagues. The 2019 InstantScouting Pro Gridiron Showcase that was sponsored … Continue reading


New York Streets 2019 Area Football Tryout

January 17, 2019 OPEN INVITE PRE REGISTER!!! $80.00 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (UNTIL JANUARY 16, 2019) The New York Streets is looking to become the Tri-State’s premier professional organization for Arena football. Playing in some of the area’s top arenas is only … Continue reading


Columbus Lions 2019 Free Agent Tryouts

January 17, 2019 The Columbus Lions of the National Arena League will host a final free agent tryout on February 16, 2019. All athletes who intend on attending a camp should dress appropriately with the proper footwear – field surfaces vary … Continue reading


3 Exercises to Finally Fix Your Tight Hip Flexors for Good

By: Mitch Gill, January 9, 2019 Tight hip flexors are a common complaint heard from athletes across all sports. Could it be from sitting in a desk for 8-plus hours a day if they are a student? Absolutely. Is it because … Continue reading


Improve These 3 Physical Skills to Sprint Faster

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3 Strength Training Methods to Help You Reach Your Speed Potential

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