National Gridiron League Player Tryouts

Click here to get the latest on all pro leagues and open tryout information! Sign up, get scouted and start your pro career!   NGL Open Tryouts: Participants will be competing in non-contact activities for an opportunity to earn a … Continue reading


League promising to be best gridiron competition outside of US folds before first game

By: Jack Harbour, Gold Coast Bulletin THE national sports competition lauded as the best gridiron league outside of America has folded before a ball is thrown. The Bulletin has learnt the newly proposed National Gridiron League — pitched to include … Continue reading


American Football league hopes to compete with NFL in five years

By: Beth Newman A new Australian gridiron competition believes it could compete with the NFL for draft prospects’ signatures in five years. The National Gridiron League (NGL) bills itself as a fully professional domestic league and this month unveiled the … Continue reading