Add 6 Inches to Your Vertical Jump in 3 Weeks With This Advanced Plyo Workout

By: Joel Smith Eight years ago, I came across two vertical jump training methods, which, when combined, changed the way I thought about training explosive athletic power. The combination of the ideals of the two systems facilitated explosive gains above … Continue reading


How to Add 4 Inches to Your Vertical Jump in Two Weeks

By: Joel Smith If you’re looking for a great complex training method that will make you fast, strong and explosive in a short period of time, look no further than what is known as French Contrast training. I’ve never seen athletes … Continue reading


Jumping Above The Competition (WR,TE,RB,FB)

Receiver’s, The first step to begin great is taking action! With that said, we hope that you have not only read the material in this series, but have also implemented it into your daily routine. With time, you will see … Continue reading